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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Home Tour: Kitchen and Dining Room

The second stop on the home tour features the kitchen and dining room.  I finally got up off the couch during nap time today and cleaned (okay, hid) the mess in my kitchen and dining room so I could take pictures to show y'all.  There is one counter in my kitchen that I am not going to show you, and it's because I am too lays to clear it off and it's a big pile of junk right now.

Standing at the big pile of junk, looking the other way.

The back door is just to my right in this picture.

That counter to the left of the fridge is the one with all the junk on it.

The fridge and pantry.  There is no way I'm going to show you the inside of either of them.

Looking toward the family room (standing in the dining room).

The "breakfast area".

Standing at the back door looking toward the garage (door on left), bathroom (door on right), and front hallway.

Looking back toward the kitchen from the garage door.

And now we will move on to the dining room, which is where I make care packages for hubby, and also store more junk and things on the dining room table most of the time.  This is the first time in months I've seen the top of the table!  Huzzah!

The wine rack back there used to have more wine in it, then I drank it all.  I'll send you my address if you send me more wine.

You can see a flat rate box peeking through the chairs there.  Also, that's the kitchen through that doorway.

I'm so creative with my decor in this room, aren't I?

I couldn't take a picture looking at the living room because that is where I put all the junk that was in this room so I could take pictures.

What?  I'm just trying to be honest here!  Also, that plant there?  It's indestructible.  My neighbor gave it to me when they moved this summer and I think I've watered it like three times in 6 months and it is still alive!

Anyway, there you have my eating areas.  There is only one more room left downstairs, and that is the playroom, it will be featured (maybe, if I feel motivated to put the toys away) with the bedrooms later this week.  Hope you enjoyed this portion of the home tour!


  1. love, lots of counter space it seems like :)

  2. Plants come to my house to die. LOL! Congrats on keeping yours alive. So I love your kitchen! The lights are fantastic! And I want to know more about the piece of furniture but the door going out to the garage. What is that? It reminds me of post office boxes and I really love it.

  3. Is that a card file cabinet in your breakfast nook area?! So cute!


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