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Monday, November 18, 2013

Home Tour: Family Room and Living Room

I'm joining a little home tour that Michelle is hosting this week.  Today we are showing y'all our living rooms and family rooms.  The schedule for the week looks like this:

11/18: Living Rooms and Family Rooms
11/19: Kitchen and Dining Area
11/20: Master Bedroom
11/21: Other Bedrooms (i.e. Guest Room, Kid's Room, Nursery)
11/22: Bathrooms

So, to get started, I'll show you my family and living rooms.  We have both in this house, which for military families I think is kind of rare.  The only problems are that a) we never use our living room, and b) we have a random mish-mash of furniture in there because we never use it (and I don't want to spend the money furnishing a room that may or may not exist in our future homes).

Our family room is in the back of the house.

Looking at our back staircase from the fireplace.

Standing in the corner, fireplace and kitchen are to my right.

Standing by the stairs, looking the other way.

Fireplace and mantle dressed up for Christmas.

The dog's chair (not really, but pretty much).

The whole room from the kitchen table.

And then we have the living room, which is in the front of the house.

Looking in from the front door/hallway.  That's the dining room to the right.  The little table at the bottom left is normally not in this room.

Looking back toward the hallway.  The kitchen is throught he doorway on the left behind the pillars.

Whole room view, from the dining room.

And I decided to show y'all the front hallway today as well because I have my big tree set up and it wasn't included in any other part of this series.

Looking from the front door.  The little table that is currently in the living room is usually located where the tree is.

From the living room.  The double doors are the playroom/extra bedroom.

Looking from the kitchen.  That is the living room on the right.

And one of my tree all lit up, because it's pretty.


  1. Yay! Thanks for linking up. I love your gallery wall in the family room. Are you all decked out for Christmas already? I'm hosting Thanksgiving, so I've got to drag everything out this week or weekend. Of 6 houses we lived in while OccDoc was active duty only one had both a living and family room. Can't wait to see more!

  2. I see you still have our matching Gs!


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