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Friday, September 20, 2013

I'm Skipping Boots This Year

Maybe it's just me, or maybe it has something to do with postpartum hormones (can I still chalk things up to hormones if I'm 6 months postpartum?) but I am too dang hot to wear boots this month.  Anytime I even think about putting any of my boots on, I break out into a hot sweat.

It's strange.  I am a lover of Autumn.  I love pumpkin things.  And sweaters.  Heck, I just ordered several sweaters and some leggings online.  I usually love nothing more than rushing head first into Fall the first week of September.  The strangest thing of all?  It hasn't even been all that hot here lately, at least compared to past years.  

You would think that I'd be all about it, but I'm not.  I forced myself to break out the jeans the other day after I showed up at preschool drop-off wearing shorts in 60° weather.  I know, but 60° is downright chilly for these parts in September.  Not to mention the fact that I'm not-so-secretly wishing the next *ahem* several months fly by so we are closer to hubby coming home.  You'd think I'd be rushing each new season in, but I'm just not.

Maybe it's because there are so many cute flats available this season.  Maybe it's because I just have a feeling that our next duty station will legitimately warrant the wearing of boots for more than a month or two each year.  And for the record, no, we are not PCSing, I'm just speculating.  Maybe it's because, despite the shorter days and cooler temps, it just doesn't feel like fall to me yet.

Whatever the reason may be, I hope I snap out of it soon, I have a bunch of boots upstairs that aren't doing me any good just sitting on a shelf.

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  1. I still write off plenty of things as "postpartum hormones" and I am almost 18 months postpartum. ;) I will wear your boots for you!! Well, as soon as I get some pants. My current summer wardrobe will not work here much longer..


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