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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dinner Out Last Night...

Yesterday was D's 1SG's birthday so a bunch of people from the office went out to eat to celebrate, and obviously I tagged along because there really is not much that I like more than eating out. :) Well, needless to say, we had a GREAT time!

There ended up being 6 of us that went and we went to a place that serves mostly pizza and calzones. Farrelli's is in DuPont, which is right off post and is actually very, very nice. We had heard about DuPont when we moved here and I continue to hear that it is expensive, but I am sure it is worth it if you live that close to post in that nice of an area!

Today I decided to start looking into someplace we can take a little mini vacation this fall (a "baby"moon if you will). Well, we had originally talked about heading East towards the mountains, or maybe down to Portland, but today I found a website that has vacation rentals and most of them are reasonably priced. There were a few up North of us (Whidbey Island) that are right on the beach and look AWESOME! I am going to show them to D tonight when he gets home!

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