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Friday, May 15, 2009

The Stagecoach Inn

So today we are going to a marriage retreat that is being put on by the BN. It is being held at the historic Stagecoach Inn in Salado. I have never been there, but everyone I've talked to says that it is really cool. We are excited about staying in a hotel and getting away from home for a few days, but unsure about the whole "marriage retreat" part of it. We decided that our best course of action is to bring wine in case we find ourselves bored with the regularly scheduled activities.

This weekend will be especially fun because Sunday is our official First Wedding Anniversary! I can't believe that it has already been a year since our wedding. I feel like the deployment flew by and now the time state-side is flying too! Pretty soon we will be up at Fort Lewis, enjoying the rain! We are really excited about moving up there, both to live there and experience something new, but also for the move itself. SLS, WPT and JAG are coming down here to make the 2,500 mile drive with us, our dog and both of our cars. It should be an interesting 4th of July!

I'm off to Salado now!

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