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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Would You Like Some Sass With Your Milk?

AJ has been a bit of a handful lately, mostly in the attitude department (I have no idea where she gets that from...;)  Today we spent the day grocery shopping, taking down the Christmas trees, organizing the garage to house the 74 Rubbermaid bins of Christmas decorations and other fun household activities.

AJ "helped" take the trees down and put them away and by the late afternoon her attitude had really started to come out.  She was playing with one of the cardboard boxes that was laying around, pretending it was a car when hubby walked by her and handed her a little plastic jug of milk from her kitchen.  He said, "Here's some milk for you."

It must have struck a nerve with her because as soon as he said that she grabbed it, threw it across the room and yelled, "that is not real milk, Dad!"

We took her straight to time out, which is a pack 'n' play placed directly in the center of the living room away from any furniture.  She proceeded to cry, scream, yell, writhe around and generally make her displeasure at timeout be known for a while (typical timeout).  I was making dinner and when she stopped crying and was quiet I told her that she could get out if she was ready to apologize to Daddy.

Imagine my surprise when she is suddenly walking through the kitchen.  She apparently was ready to apologize and climbed out of the pack 'n' play herself.  (Normally we take her out and have a little chat with her to go over the reason for her punishment.)  She walked over to hubs and said, "Hey Dad, sorry, but its not real milk."

Bahahahahaha!  Apparently in the mind of an almost 3-year-old the problem wasn't her attitude or tone of voice, but the fact that they were disagreeing on whether the milk was real or not!

I reminded her that she was apologizing for the way she talked to Daddy and she eventually got it right, but it just goes to show that even if something seems cut and dry to us as adults, it may not make quite as much sense to a toddler.


  1. HAAAA!!! Too funny. I hope you're still blogging when she's a teenager. Sounds like she'll be fun. ;)


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