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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No ID Card For You!

Since we moved here 6 months ago my friend Meghan and I have been talking about going to get new military ID cards. Its recommended (but not required) that you update your ID card when your spouse makes the rank that ours are. We've literally been talking about doing this since the first week we were here.

Well, last week we decided to make appointments and go do it. You know, as sort of a last hoorah! Ha. We had plans to go to lunch afterwards.

After making my appointment I made sure to get my Power of Attorney (POA) out of the filing cabinet because I would need it to get a new ID card issued. If the military member is there, then you don't need it, but we didn't want the husbands tagging along on our girls afternoon out, so yeah, you get the picture.

Well, I stuck the POA on the front of the fridge and then didn't think about it again until this morning. When I realized that it was no longer on the fridge. I was secretly hoping that D had moved it from the fridge and stuck it in the portable file box we carry our important papers in when we move.

After frantically searching through each and every paper in the box, I did not find the POA. I knew that they wouldn't let me get a new ID without it, but I went and tried anyway. I mean, I had an appointment! As you can probably guess by the title of this post, I did not get a new ID card, but my friend Meghan did!

So, the moral of the story folks, is that you should never try to do anything extra the week you move. Just stick to moving, its stressful enough.


  1. Oh no :(

    And I especially hate that awkward moment when you try to get away with something in public, and they shoot you down. :( Boooo.

  2. Well at least you tried.. and you probably looked fabulous and were so polite doing it...

  3. Don't you hate the feeling of not being able to find your POA?

    And when my hubby made his first promotion they would not make me a new ID card (hubby was there since we were also enrolling our baby in DEERS). Then the next promotion they told him I HAD to get a new one. He didn't have to go and I didn't need a POA either.


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